About Oceanography and IEO’s Particular Tasks

OceanographyOceanography is a branch of geography that studies the seas and oceans and all that is related to the hydrosphere, as well as the structure and dynamics of these bodies of water.

IEO’s Particular Tasks and Areas of Expertise

The Spanish Institute of Oceanography conducts research in marine biology and oceanology that helps Spain to develop scientifically and technologically, as well as tasks pertaining to maintaining industrial and social activities in relation to the ocean, with the aim of increasing scientific knowledge about oceans and the sustainable use of its resources.

The IEO’s basic functions can be summarized as follows:

  • Scientific research in oceanology, marine biology, etc. and study of the ocean.
  • Advice to the General State Administration in its fishing, marine and marine conservationist policies.
  • Advocating Spain in international, forums, organizations and summits related to marine science.
  • Promoting cooperation on a regional, domestic and international level of marine research.
  • To train marine biologists and professionals and spread oceanographic knowledge across the country and the world.

Some of the specific activities carried out by the Spanish Institute of Oceanography also include:

  • Representing Spain in international summits about oceanology and fishing
  • To study and expose the vulnerability of aquatic ecosystems
  • Start and coordinate programs whose aim is to do extensive research on the effects of fishing in certain areas
  • Report on scientific and technological projects submitted for consultation and relevant to marine science

The Spanish Institute of Oceanography strives to promote and be a part of agreements and treaties with the public as well as private sector, internationally and domestically. Another goal is to conduct extensive research of scientific as well as technological nature. Also, an important task that the IEO has is to promote and be a part of international programs dedicated to scientific research related to oceanology, marine life and ecosystems conservation etc.