Sports/Scuba Diving: Personal Anecdotes of Amazing Scuba Diving Experiences

15966e3d83e955f29e8e65e84b20066dThe summer time is the official holiday season, and many choose to spend it at the seaside. However, not so many choose to spend it underwater. Maybe not many are attracted on doing extreme sports, such as water ski, canoe, or scuba diving. Even if at a first glance these sports seem very hard to do, once one had a taste of it, it can never run back to going on a summer vacation and just lying on the sand, without exploring the beautiful underwater world. Scuba diving is one of the best examples of its kind.

Some might just start with the idea that they might become nervous or claustrophobic underwater, but it is actually a rather pleasurable experience. There are many companies which offer a first dive experience with the full equipment, experienced divers, and in the most beautiful sites on Earth.

One such experience starts with the early morning meet up in the port, where a bout will take all its diving enthusiasts in a place where there are peaceful shallow waters, and reefs. On the way, an experienced diver will explain all the special language used underwater, what are the safety procedures, how to correctly use the equipment and how to relax and enjoy the experience.

In order to accommodate with the underwater breathing, the first time divers will be taken on a first journey at 3 meters depth. This will allow them engage with the basic movements, how to clear the masks, pop the ears in order to equalize pressure, or replace the regulators. Once one gets accustomed to all these safety measures, it gets a 30 to 45 minutes 6 metres deep dive which can produce amazing experiences to be remembered for years, or even convince one to start taking lessons to achieve a professional diver certification.

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