The Sea Monsters

A sea monster is the term used to refer to a hypothetical aquatic creature unknown to science, usually of great proportions. It is said that there has been an infinite number of alleged sightings and testimonials worldwide The Sea Monstersof such sea monsters. Because of the popularity of this phenomenon, there have been many legends around about several of these creatures from the earliest of times. One of the most popular collections of sea monsters is included in the work of Olaus Magnus’s History of the Northern People.

Most Popular Sea Monsters

Here is a list of the most popular of these scary creatures in the world, referred to as sea monsters:

  • Kraken: Scandinavian mythological monster is a huge and terrible giant octopus with multiple tentacles coming out of its head that sank boats and devoured crew members. It is believed that these stories were inspired by encounters with giant squids which is a documented phenomenon.
  • Morgawr: Also called the monster of Cornwall, is a marine cryptid which is said to dwell on the coast of Cornwall, Britain. Morgawr has had numerous alleged sightings between 1975 and 1976 on Falmouth Bay. In 1976, the newspaper Falmouth Packet published two photographs of the beast, showing only a silhouette. It bears a certain resemblance to the Loch Ness monster.
  • Sea snake: It is a mythological sea monster with long and snake like body. Many legends have been written about this monster since ancient times and they have become a sort of classic in cryptozoology.
  • Leviathan: monstrous creature that inhabited the seas in Biblical stories.
  • Nessie: aquatic reptile resembling the morphology of a plesiosaurus that inhabits Loch Ness in Scotland.
  • Jörmundgander: giant sea serpent has its origins in Norse mythology. It was said that by biting its tail, it could encircle the whole world.
  • Ryūjin (龍神): Dragon in Japanese mythology is king of the seas, whose castle lies in the deeper ocean.