Want to Nurture Your Marine Interest? Learn to Explore and Protect the Worlds Oceans?

The adventure starts as you slip over the side of a boat into the blue sea, and travel down into the depths. The excitement and thrill experienced can be hard to describe. You float down among the denizens of the sea, be they large or small, a visitor in an alien environment. An environment that has been essential to man since the beginning of time, an environment under threat. Threats from pollution, overfishing and mishandling by man. The climate changes are also adversely affecting the fragile ecosystem that exists in our oceans. The challenge today is to create international, sustainable policies that will protect the marine environment.

shutterstock_442431973Sustainable Seas – What Can you do to Help?

You have a voice, use it. Be loud, be consistent, be heard. Consider earth and marine science studies so that you have the power of education and knowledge behind what you are saying. Our oceans are diverse, exciting, and still largely unknown. Further research is essential to broaden our awareness of how we can protect and preserve our marine environment. Rain and rivers feed our oceans; these are affected by what we put into them. When considering protecting the seas, we also have to look at the land, the industries and the contaminants we are daily flushing into our seas and oceans.

Act Now, Every day Counts

From the polar ice cap to Antarctica our oceans are teaming with life, let’s keep it that way. You can be involved in saving our seas collectively and individually. Buy sustainable seafood to reduce the demand on the rapidly diminishing supplies of fish. Use less plastic, the amount of plastic in our oceans is increasing, and killing off marine life. Try and reduce your carbon footprint, even a small amount helps. Join a sea cleanup dive or a beach cleanup crew. Educate yourself and others on how to save this essential part of our world. Be a voice that can be heard and not ignored.